Large Breasted Bangkok Hooker Having Sex

Another great video of a thai hooker going through the motions in a hotel room with a lucky guy. There is a lot of oral, tit fucking, and humping, and you get to see him come inside the girl (play safe, people). The best parts of this are the natural parts at the start and the end, where you can feel what it’s like to have such a sexy girl around in your room.

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Sexy Hotel Hooker

A great – professionally made – video, shot in a real hotel room of a thai girl sexily giving head, tit fucking, and sitting on a lucky guy. There is a great shot at the end when you get to see into the guy’s mirror, offering a handy two sided view. Again the only problem is it should be a longer video!

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Grainy Hidden Camera Footage from a Thai Hotel Room

There is something great about the graininess of this footage, as a guy on a holiday hid a video camera and invited a thai hooker back to his room. What you see is a whole lot of real oral and hand-jobs. He doesn’t get to come – and you will probably wish this went for longer – but it is a great way to imagine what goes on when you bring a sexy and willing thai girl back to your room

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Cute Small Video of Some Sexy Bangkok Girls

This video is the next best thing to being in Thailand. As part of our mission to collect the world’s best videos from inside hotel rooms in Bangkok and elsewhere in Thailand, we offer this one for your delight.

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Very Cute Thai Girl Sex

This girl is absolutely gorgeous – what makes it even more exciting (if you like that sort of thing) is the rough sex. Hair pulling, direct orders, and general domaination makes this one of the hottest Bangkok videos we’ve yet found. Let us know if you find more!

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Bangkok Hooker in a Hotel Room

If you want to know what it’s like to get a cute Pattaya girl in your hotel room, check out this video. At around the 19 minute mark the maker of this video comes, and there is a nice cum shot on the woman’s face. Enjoy.

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Thai Hotel Room Hooker in a DIY Sex Movie

This film is a little grainy and silent, but it has some lovely moments – like around the 7 minute mark, when the woman is sucking the guy whilst she leans over the edge of the bed. Let us know what you think?

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Shy Bangkok Girl in Hotel Room POV

What I love about this video is that much of it is shot from the guy’s point of view, taking you right into the action. There is some nice oral and sex, but it is the grainy film, lack of english, and realism that makes this video great to watch.

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